Saturday, 8 August 2015

Villa Lavaya -- Our Home in Cape Town

          This sunny weather made me think about our last holiday in South Africa a couple of years back. My brother-in-law and his then-fiancee (now wife) had their wedding there and it's a celebration the whole family shouldn't miss. Instead of booking a hotel, the couple arranged for us to stay in a villa and ahhhh, the house is just absolutely stunning!
 photo DSC_2696_zpsfpslj6o1.jpg
          Villa Lavaya was our home during our stay in Cape Town. It has 5 bedrooms, one of which can be converted into an extra living area.
 photo DSC_2665_zps13e05ae9.jpgHubby went sunbathing straight away the moment we arrived. We picked the room downstairs (behind him) so we are facing right in front of the garden and the pool area.
 photo DSC_2677_zps2d8178a9.jpg
     View of Lion's Head from our kitchen window. Wow, just wow!
 photo DSC_2683_zpsc4229c20.jpg
This open plan living area is perfect for chilling and lazing about. Open up the doors to the balcony for that fresh morning sea breeze.
 photo DSC_3139_zps52426038.jpg
Downstairs is where the boys spent most of their time watching football, or play a game of pool.
 photo DSC_3149_zpsae4bb315.jpg
 photo DSC_2687_zps1ebce12f.jpgOne of the best things that I like about this villa is coming home to this amazing view after touring the whole day.

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